Smile, No Matter How Painful It Is

5년 전

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For the past couple of days, I've been sick and was unable to make an article on this platform. Today, I felt better; just a wee bit. I've felt a gripping pain in my left chest which I suspect it to be originated from my heart. Yeah, I have a bad heart; as consequence of chronic hypertension. Next week, I 'm supposed to go to the hospital for an appointment with a cardiologist, but if things got worse tomorrow, I might be going to emergency for an early checkup.

Last year, I was afraid that I would die early due to this condition. Now, I'm not scared anymore. I'm old. Of course, I would like to see my children growing up, be successful in their life, get married and have their own children, I would like to see that, but if fate doesn't allow me to, who am I to judge? I can only do whatever I deem the best effort to stay alive; eat healthy foods, exercise frequently and get enough sleep. Maybe I'll do some reading tomorrow to come up with an article. I'll stay positive and it doesn't matter how painful it's going to be tomorrow. I will always start the day with a smile.

March 16, 2018

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