Ok...ok...BTC almost hit 8000$ but...

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...don't be mistaken...my personal opinion is that we are nowhere near to a bull run.


The definition of a bull market is:
2019-05-13 20_24_08-BULL MARKET _ meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.png

Now according to Binance and I presume according to all exchanges the only thing that goes up as we speak - there are always a few exceptions of course - is BTC...and BTC only.

The rest of the cryptos are getting hammered...really bad.

This is a the Steem/BTC chart.

2019-05-13 20_29_39-STEEM_BTC _ Buy Steem _ Binance.png

Allow me but...steem is going from all time low to...all time low...every day. That's the real reason why BTC is going up. Because people sell their alt coins and buy BTC.

This is another screenshot of the alts I like to trade.

2019-05-13 20_31_46-0.0000412 _ STEEM_BTC _ Buy Steem _ Binance.png

Same situation here...right?

And you still think we are close? I really hope we are...but....

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Dang! 8000 it’s really moving like crazy! I’m not sure if I’m ready for a bull run like this lol seems like a lot of people are going to be blind sided if this keeps going

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Not only for that reason, look the Total Market Cap, it is increasing as well so, there is FIAT entering also...mainly for buying BITCOIN...it is a normal situation IMO