Mantra for Sucess on Steemit and Blogging

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Whenever I hear anything about sports I just get super excited. I just cannot control my emotions and then I express them on Steemit. That is the biggest Mantra which can lead you to success. Whenever I watch any match or read any news regarding sports I start thinking that It should have been like this or this player should not have been playing and I keep those thoughts in my mind and whenever I get time I start expressing it on Steemit. Sometimes I get frustrated when my team loses and I express my frustration here and other friends also join and comment and then we discuss. So, the expression of emotions is the biggest point for success on any blogging platform.




Whenever you want to write something take your time and then write and don't post it until and unless you are fully satisfied that yes this is what I wanted to share. Initially, I use to write an incomplete post and then regret later that I forgot to mention these points but now I take my time and when I feel that I have completed everything I can relate to that particular topic than only I publish. We should always keep in mind that our post and STEEMIT work as a newspaper for many people and hence we should provide the best possible content.



Steemit is all about interaction. We should be thankful that we got an opportunity to interact with people worldwide just by sharing and expressing our thoughts. We should try to interact as much as we can by commenting on others post and asking them whatever we feel like. We should always try to read as much as we can and try to understand what the writer wants to say and then accordingly put our comment. There is no means of asking peoples of friends to comment on your post because that will not work in long run instead make such an interesting post that people should be curious to read and once they are then they will try and follow all your posts. I feel this because I did this.



Try and understand the value of your vote. Each and every vote is important and you should use your power wisely. With every vote and comment, you can get a new follower and vote so don't just keep on voting because you vote them every time. Do read all the post of your interest carefully and then decide whether the Writer has done good work or not. It doesn't matter how old he or she has been on Steemit or what power do they have the main motto should be interaction on interesting posts and when you do that you will get success for sure.

These were some points which I feel is important for your sucess on steemit.

Thanks for your time.

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Value of vote is very important. One should not waste it.

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Mantra is to start communicating and be yourself.

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