12 ways to increase memory

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There are 12 ways to increase memory
Do you often forget it or forget your memory? Know some ways to strengthen memory.

  1. Enough sleep
    The researchers at Rochester University said that the sleep in the night was less than 6 hours. Mikeen Nedergard He said, it is important for a deep sleep. If it does not, the brain can be aged for more than seven years.

  2. Chilled house for the brain
    Coldness and concentration are three times cooler than the heat. In addition, the cold house keeps the head cool, so it is not good to keep the temperature at 21 degrees Celsius above the house.

  3. Start from the end
    Remember the whole story by reading a story. Keep remembering the story from the beginning or the last without saying it from the beginning. This technique will keep the brain cells active, it will be more powerful.

  4. Read out
    Regular walking or jogging keeps the body healthy. The body is not just walking, jogging and janing brenake fit.

  5. The use of reverse hands
    Those who do everything in the right hand, they are left and those who do everything in the left hand, try to do everything at least once a week with the right hand. That is, in the opposite hand, you can practice eating, eating, brushing teeth or doing other chores. The brain is also active in this.

  6. Foster friendship
    Communicating with people or communication keeps the brain young. Only 10 minutes of communication a day helps to empower people's memory very strongly.

  7. Get out of everyday rules
    The brain has to learn new things all the time. Otherwise, the brain becomes lifeless. So break your daily routine and do something else. Occasionally go to work or college with other roads. Learn to play a new language or instruments.

  8. Toe finger massage
    Get five minutes of toe finger massage every day. First of all, from the bottom of the finger, press down slowly and press down. This massage helps in communicating with the brain cells.

  9. Shopping list
    Make a list of what to buy before going to the market or to the store and leave it to your shopping home. Come back to see what you forgot and remember some. The more the rules will be made, the brain can 'save' the brain for a long time.

  10. Two cups of coffee are enough
    If drinking two cups of coffee a day, the risk of Alzheimer's decrease is 20 percent. Coffee drinks prevent more than 30 young people from gradually getting older, especially for girls.

  11. Routine checkup
    The brain's performance may be reduced due to the risk of heart disease. So once a year, blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol levels should be tested.

  12. Brain food
    Marine fish, pulse spinach, dark chocolate, green tea, olive oil, vegetables, etc. are very important in maintaining the health of the brain.

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