5 tricks in social networks to grow your brand

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To take advantage of these channels you must stay updated and informed about their updates, as well as understand each platform.
Social networks offer various benefits to business owners. The evolution of different social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn means that you need to be updated on both the general aspects and the specific aspects of each channel to meet your social media objectives.

Here are five tricks in social networks that will help you save time and gain exposure, more followers, better conversion rates and greater engagement:

  1. Know what is fashionable. If you can publish information that is current and relevant to your niche, and more importantly, for your clients, you will give the audience a reason to read your posts on social networks and then visit your site.

A good tool is uvrx.com. Powered by Google's personalized searches, it shows results for Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn and other platforms. Social-sercher.com is another search tool designed to allow users to review how the keywords they chose in their social media channels work. It offers analytics, revealing people to follow, feelings associated with the keywords and the type of publications that are having good results.

  1. Social networks speak a new language. And the language is that of images, videos and infographics. This type of media is generating excellent engagement numbers for businesses that have made it a standard practice to use creatively.

I came, the app to share videos on Twitter, Instagram and Flipboard are a few applications that increase the attractiveness of your posts and help them excel in the timelines of users. Creative calls to action can help build a bridge between entertainment, information and lead generation.

  1. Grow your base. Reaching followers, subscribers and friends is key to creating a successful and enjoyable social media campaign.

One way to find new customers is by paying for ads on Facebook or Twitter as a way to increase the number of followers and "Like", promote blogs or make offers. Another option is to pay for the Premium subscription of LinkedIn that allows you the opportunity to reach potential prospects or partners through InMail.

Another basic trick (but often left out) to attract subscribers to your Facebook page is to send the link by direct message to new followers on Twitter. Similar techniques should be used on all social media platforms to capture the interest of your audience members who are already on the radar.

  1. Save time. Whether you are running a one-person company or one that uses consumer information through customer relationship management systems, you need to automate certain processes. If you do not, then these will become slopes that you will start to avoid, which will diminish their effectiveness.

Some activities that you can place in automatic mode include posting updates between various platforms, sending emails and SMS with favorite themes and uploading social media content to the cloud.

  1. Accept the change. When a social platform changes its guidelines, you have two options: Adapt or give up. When you bet on the first option, you give yourself a chance to occupy the space left by someone who abandoned the battle.

For example, a recent update of Facebook forbade announcing the winners of contests held on the platform through the site. Last month, LinkedIn introduced improvements such as the ability to block profiles and unwanted messages. These are clear benefits for popular LinkedIn groups that have to deal with large amounts of spam. As you see, pay to be updated.

Although some of these tricks may seem like common sense activities, those that might surprise you with their effectiveness are those that arise from observation and learning. Entrepreneurs may be too busy and forget to give themselves time a week for creative thinking. Make strategic thinking regularly and keep looking for ways to get better results with your social media marketing.

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