China plans to build military bases in Pakistan: US report

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China plans to build military bases in Pakistan: US report
China is planning to build world-class military bases to protect the aspiring 'One Belt One Road' project. A plan released by the Pentagon in the US Defense Department on Thursday said the plan was made. Currently Beijing is the only foreign base in Beijing, Djibouti. But the Pentagon report claimed that China is planning to set up a military base in Pakistan to emerge as a global super power through this project. Russian media reported on Sputnik News.
In 2013, China's President Xi Jinping announced the 'One Belt One Road' project. China is implementing this project to connect China with Europe following the ancient silk route. Through this project, China wants to connect with Russia through the Middle East and Central Asia. China is talking about changing the world economy through expensive projects.
Pentagon's annual report submitted to the US Congress on Thursday said that China is likely planning to set up a foreign military base for the protection of these projects by taking forward projects like One Belt One Road. In the report, it is said that China may seek to establish an additional military base with long-term friendly and strategic interests such as Pakistan.
It has been said that China has been warned that China will want to set up these bases in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and West Pacific countries. The Pentagon report says that by increasing military strength, China's activities may increase in the polar regions.
China has already built a well-equipped military base in the controversial South China Sea. Last year, China talked about establishing bases in the north-western Wakan province of Afghanistan. Recently a message from the presence of a large number of Chinese soldiers in the eastern Tajikistan has brought to the notice of the Washington Post The news of the presence of these soldiers came to the strategic Wakan corridor of China-Pakistan.

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