Third World War in the year 2020

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"We are going to live a Third World War in the year 2020"
"In 2020 the Third World War will begin." This is what Gianroberto Casaleggio (CEO of Casaleggio Asociati) says is the main investor and creator in the shadow of Movimiento Cinco
"In 2020 the Third World War will begin." So says Gianroberto Casaleggio (CEO of Casaleggio Asociati), the main investor and creator in the shadow of the Five Star Movement led by Beppe Grillo. In the essay and short documentary Gaia, both made by and for the network, he chronologically develops his geopolitical vision of the future:

-2018: The world is divided into two large blocks. The West, with a system of direct democracy and free and universal access to the network and the East, divided into three major areas: China, Russia and the Middle East. In them, access to the internet is controlled and the dictatorship is maintained through a strict comprehensive surveillance of the citizenry.

-2020: It is the year of the beginning of the Third World War, a war that will last two decades. The destruction takes on apocalyptic tints and the main symbols of the West are buried under rubble, such as "St. Peter's Square, the Cathedral of Notre Dame and the Holy Family."

-2021: The use of bacteriological weapons is generalized, replacing traditional military weapons.

-2025: The acceleration of climate change causes the level of the sea to increase twelve meters, at the same time that famines spread.

-2030: End of the era of fossil fuels.

-2040: The conflict ends after having produced millions of deaths, which reduce the world population to one billion people.

In 16 years and nine months everything will be over. The West, where digital democracy dominated by Beppe Grillo, finally defeats the Orwellian dictatorships of the East. The end of the Third World War (2018-2040) gives way to a new world order, which officially is not born until August 14, 2054. The world government, called Gaia, is elected through the network in the first planetary elections. From this moment on, parties, politics, ideologies or religions will have disappeared.

Utopia or dystopia? For Beppe Grillo, or rather for Casaleggio who is the manufacturer of this political marketing product, it comes first. A geopolitical dream that the father of the creature with which he has reaped 8.5 million votes in the Italian elections wrote a year after laying the foundation stone of the Five Star Movement. Gaia would be something like the culmination of the work started by Casaleggio in Italy. "Man will be the sole owner of his destiny and collective intelligence the new policy," he explains in this sort of prophecy. Casaleggio Associati bills more than 1.5 million euros annually and his partner is linked to several North American multinationals

The strategy of the entrepreneur Casaleggio to reach this idyllic staff is the same that he has followed since he registered Beppe Grillo's blog in 2007: "Promoting a change from the Internet, extending communication, knowledge and organization". Always under the seal of anti-politics, understood as animosity towards ideologies and political organizations in general. A Mason, according to many Italian political commentators, who had tried to place one of his products before the election: Judge Antonio di Pietro, the mafia scourge and Berlusconi. However, he failed on his first attempt.

His second move, which seems to have based the script of the last installment of Black Mirror ('The Wilco Time') could not have gone better. In just five years he has achieved the greatest political success of viral marketing, thanks to his army of SEOs and gurus of digital culture. The money has not been a problem for this manager of Olivetti, linked to Telecom Italia and CEO of Casaleggio Associati, a company that invoices more than 1.5 million euros per year. To make matters worse, his partner Enrico Sassoon is linked to several North American multinationals through the American Chamber of Commerce. In fact, the signatures necessary to create the political party were collected through their company and not through some kind of citizen initiative.

The 'Operation Beppe Grillo' continues at a good pace, although criticism from social movements is beginning to grow. The last accusation was that the process of choosing candidates through the Internet was not transparent and did not have independent verification. "If they want to change the rules that create another movement," Casaleggio snapped in the last and only televised interview he has granted. However, popular support remains intact and its geopolitical roadmap continues as follows:

  1. Grassroots movements are emerging around the world to manage local problems related to energy, food, the environment and salt
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