Toothpaste did any other work except toothpaste.

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Toothpaste did any other work except toothpaste.

Generally, everyone brush their teeth with a toothpaste. Let's do some other use.

  1. Boring Whiteheads can be seen in oily areas with nose and nose skin. Whiteheads were created to stop oil, dirt and bacterial clotting. The process of removing it is very difficult. But a home-made package of Mint toothpaste and salt can be easily removed Whiteheads Mint helps to close the clogged lymph. Salt works as a natural scrubber.

  2. Keep the acne on a little toothpaste with your finger all night. Wash the next day with water. Anti-bacterial components and antioxidants in toothpaste remove acne. Make sure to have allergy on the skin before applying toothpaste skin. Do not use toothpaste if there is an allergy problem.

  3. Suddenly the stains of pen and cloth? There is nothing to worry about. With the help of toothpaste, shout! Blubber with a white toothpaste on top of the scar Some of the bars can be seen in the black spot. Wash the detergent after washing the stain. Lipstick scars can be removed in the same way.

  4. If you put hot tea or coffee mug on wooden furniture, then it may be a type of stain. Toothpaste can remove the stains. Clean the toothpaste on the stain and scrub it with soft cloth.

  5. Wash the sponge with toothpaste and sink it with water. Dizziness will also be removed as well as shine.

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