Which 5 countries people live the most days?

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Which 5 countries people live the most days?
There are some countries and places in the world where people live a long time. As God has given these places the "fountain of youth" in these places. All of them have long been able to live there. In such a way, people can increase their lifespan by living a healthy life. However, the average life expectancy of some people is truly surprising.
For the first time in history, most people in the world can expect to get in sixty years of age, according to the World Health Organization. The agency said that the number of people aged 60 Perone will double by 2050.
The environment, culture and dietary habits of some places have increased the life expectancy of people. As well as political stability, economic success, modern health care and healthy sanitation system have also increased the average life span of the people, said Global Citizen.
The sea also has a blessing behind it. A study by the European Center for Environment and Human Health of the University of Exeter said that those living near the coast of the sea have long lived.
The United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has made a list of the possible lifespan of a country or region after birth. The list that came up in World Factbook Find out the best 5 countries here.

  1. Monaco
    Its population is just 38 thousand 695. The probable life expectancy of people is 89 years 4 months. This is the second smallest country in the world that people are expected to live the most fertile. A country in Western Europe. Its border is the Mediterranean Sea. State health care, healthier Mediterranean food and relatively less stressful life have saved their life for so many days.
  2. Japan
    People of this country live for so many days all of them know. Population 12 million 71 lakh 71 thousand 854 Possible life span 85 years 3 months. People of this country live up to the age of 75 years old, according to the World Health Organization. Regular physical labor, health care and the opportunity to work for many years gave them more life span.
  3. Singapore
    Small country Population: 57 million 91 thousand 901 Their possible lifespan is 85 years 2 months. It is said that due to the prevention of disease, they have not seen the prevalence of their disease due to health check-up. So living in healthy life has increased their life expectancy. Singaporeans among South East Asian countries have so much life expectancy.
  4. San Marino
    Population 33 thousand 557 The probable life span is 83 years 3 months. World Factbook says people here can expect to live for 83 years and 3 months. The main reason for their healthy Mediterranean region and locally produced fresh and fresh vegetables. Their stress is very low in life.
  5. Iceland
    For the first time, the country's population of 3,37,780 people playing football World Cup The probable lifespan of people here is 83 years and 1 month. Experts believe that the use of marine fish is their lifespan. According to many, genetic issues are also here.
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