Why marriages are addicted to adultary?

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I do not see any suspicion that the married people will be addicted to it. Because the person who is unmarried, he is not doing a stranger! Very stressed can love a married person. Yes, from the person's point of view,
The word pakariya is associated with social system called marriage. If there is no marriage, then there is no stranger. It can be found in Google Ghat, that the marriage took place two years before Christ. The primary reason for the marriage was to determine the sex of a person. Because, arbitrary sexual behavior was creating skepticism about child's fatherhood.
Later, in different countries different reasons have changed for marriage. Brothers' sisterhood (Egypt) was in vogue for property so that they could not get away, which is illegal in today's age.
According to Freud's theories, people are medium-sized polygamous. Surprising information is available in the lives of different animals, where somebody is completely eagle (wolf), so some are polygamous (Gorilla).
In today's era, evolution of four thousand years has changed greatly and changes have been modified and modified. But people are still primarily polygamous.
So, in the post-life life, if anyone feels sexual attraction or affection or love for someone other than his official partner, then he can not be called addictive in nature. Yes, he will run his way of thinking that his education will be determined by culture and personal personal preferences.
The socio-economic relationship of the societies is unjust (taboo) in the eyes of the society, even though the law is not called a criminal offense.
Now, for the indirect reasons, come here. In marital life, there are numerous reasons for boredom, turmoil, emotional and physical inequality (incompatibility), reluctance to divorce, mid-life crisis, etc for children.
One of the nabras described in the Hindu scripture is Adiras. According to Freud, that's Libido, the driving force of life, motivation to work. If someone is looking for the driving force, you can tell me something.

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