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Welcome to the community,


13th July 2018,

Hi there,

Thank you for taking the time to join me.

Let's begin....


Wisdom is not something we are born with, or something that comes to us in a transformative moment of Zen. While our literal birth may take only a few hours, our spiritual and philosophical birth is far slower. It is a gradual process of growing awareness--we get one insight here, another there. 

NOW... Let's talk about three things, 

Thing #1.

The core purpose of this blog is to combine different mental models with the aim of  helping you and I live a better life. Every blog will explore well researched articles from different writers on different fields.

That said, we're not here to dictate on what to do. My hope is simply to share ideas to help catalyze a move in the right direction.

We value empowerment, and if we can help even one person see things in a new, then we've done our part. 

Thing #2.

This is one of the three blogs that will be exploring in details, different fields of study. The entire weekly structure will be divided as follows; 


Monday: The one comma club

Wednesday: The two comma club.

Friday: The three comma club.

Each blog will include the article of the day, a few brief thoughts, and occasionally, other valuable links that might be worth your time.

Honestly speaking we prefer quality over noise.

Thing #3.

A strong community is built on engagement. Please share with me your own ideas, articles you find interesting, or even critics to better serve the mission of this blog.

That's about it.

As a welcoming gift, 

Here is a quote to ponder;

"We don't receive wisdom;  we must discover it for ourselves  after a journey that no one can  take for us or spare us."   
—Marcel Proust.

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