My expectations for WeKu (CONTEST) - By @nachomolina

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Write down your expectations for Weku and Get Upvote from supportweku-io


Definitely, my expectation from the beginning was that they would value my work, in addition to working together to take the ecosystem forward.

The atmosphere that is perceived within WeKu has great warmth and altruistic sense in favor of the new users and the constant improvement of we have been living for some time on this site.

After this elapsed time I am pleased to know that WeKu platform has reached its objectives and I am also pleased that my work has been properly evaluated.

There is another aspect that keeps me attentive and that is the commercialization of the WKD token after the launch of the ICO.


It is great to know that the moment is very close and soon we will all enjoy the economic and financial benefits offered by

The interface of WeKu is formidable and I hope that with the passage of time we will see all kinds of innovations that make this place the most advanced and sophisticated of all.

I am sure that with our proposals and self-denial for the joint work we will achieve it.

I think that in reality everything that comes from WeKu is to my liking; Its planning, its moderators, witnesses, its love for the neighbor and sense of belonging.


WeKu is almost perfect and allows us to develop and grow even more as human beings of edifying thought.

Among my strongest purposes is to continue working and publishing quality content in my blog, also to protect the platform from malicious aspects such as plagiarism and the black market, etc.

It is important to emphasize that we must all give the best promotion to the site, either in social networks, or in other similar platforms within blockchain, so we will achieve greater coverage and attract new users to the platform which would guarantee the growth of WeKu's economy .io and obviously would contribute to the increase in the value of the WKD currency.

Remember to make conscious use of the resources and benefits that we have obtained with so much effort.

WeKu is a reality, constant and resonant, today more than ever we can say that came to stay...

Long live WeKu Platform!!!

I invite you all to join and work with dedication and pride, doing what we like the most!
Everything will be rewarded and we will make our dreams come true...

With love,

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Dear @nachomolina and @everyone else


Great to hear from you buddy. I'm glad to see that you're still around on Steemit :)

I think that in reality everything that comes from WeKu is to my liking; Its planning, its moderators, witnesses, its love for the neighbor and sense of belonging.

Would you mind sharing with me link to your profile on Weku? I would love to have a look at it. Also if anyone else reading my comment has an account on this platform, then please share link with me.

I was also wondering how strict Weku is when it comes to "re-usage" of your content. I've read a story once of person who posted similar publication on Steemit and then Weku and has been banned from this platform.

Does it happen a lot? Does anyone have any idea how strict they are? Personally hearing that story put me off, as I couldn't imagine being banned from my own account on platform, which supposed to be decentralized (in theory no centralized authority should have that power).

RESTEEMed and upvoted :)



I think I've solved the problem! I never post the same on Steemit and Weku, but have similar posts with different pictures. Then I cross-link them like this:
"You may also see my similar post in the parallel universe of Weku/Steemit"
then of course I put the link!


Thank you for your comment @kalemandra

I wish Weku wouldn't give so much trouble for using same content. They are to small to be so strict.


Interesting point.
How decentralized is it?
I would have to see it.


There are only a few witnesses yet - for my opinion to less and I love to run another one.

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I will checkout Weku after dinner. Got lots of work to do. I'm Re-steeming.

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I like the idea of weku, I even invested a lot and from time to time i cross post similar content between original content I do for weku only.

Yes, it has potential but it has as well a lot homework to do.

A blockchain explorer like Steemd is missing and even more an API. Please correct me if I‘m wrong with this, as I’m asking for such a tool since a few month to get more transparency.

For me, weku is a great chance, but it has to get decentralized ASAP.

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Thanks for sharing @nachomolina. I'll visit you in weku. I didn't attend my account there because of steemit, but I'll came back to weku.