Twilights and Sunrises

2년 전

So I'm sitting here working, deleting rows out of a database and waiting for the database server to catch up. Might as well write a steemit post, right?

Historically, I've been treating my steemit posts as some major epiphany, some display of amazingness that I need to share with the world. With the price of steemit fairly low and the activity on the blockchain (or at least on my feed) at an ebb, maybe I'll just write stuff that I want to write for my own discovery.

The photo above I took of a sunrise is from a couple days ago from my place in Florida. The little teepee thing to the left is a bottle palm leaf, but it looks kind of exotic, doesn't it?

At any rate, I will offer some further musings as I have time and inclination, in the midst of all the other short story writing I am trying to accomplish.



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He lives! Good to see a post from you, @negativer. I really do miss them when you go dark! I think the occasional musing and a photo is a great approach. We put too much pressure on ourselves to write Fabulous Posts. As one of your fans, I just wanted you to know you could probably write a haiku about your cats once a week and I would love it as much as a longer, more thought-provoking piece.


I think part of it, for me, is that I'm 'angry' at steemit and the price of steem (and possibly on missing out on selling it when the price was super high), so every time I look at it and the size of my wallet I'm reminded of my failure and the devalued earnings against the effort I've invested. Much salt.

I need a simpler reason to post. Cat haiku would be perfect, as well as your 50 word stories. Just need to overcome my salt...


Yes, that is totally understandable. Maybe my story will make you feel better. I started my career as a technical writer in Silicon Valley. At one point I looked at two startups. One was this new thing called Google. I never interviewed there because I got a great offer at the other startup, and I took the bird in the hand. Not to belabor the point, but I would have been set for life if I had made the other choice. Shit happens! I am hopeful Steem will rise again. I’ll report from SteemFest. 😀


That's a terrible story, @jayna. D:

Still, one can always console themselves that other good things in their life wouldn't have happened if you had taken that other path.

I think that kind of rationalization becomes necessary, or else you'd just go insane from constant regret :)

Enjoy Poland! Tell the muckymucks at Steemfest that they need to make the price rise :) Maybe they don't know it's so low....

Thank you for being here for me, so I can be here for you.
Enjoy your day and stay creative!
Botty loves you. <3

Hey, Neg. I like the picture. Being a third shift worker, sunrise is my favorite part of the day. Keep up the good work, and don't let the flux of the market get you down! I don't think my hippy ray will reach to Florida, but... Good vibes, ya know?


I love the sunrise time of day too, but it's a bit of a hurdle to get up that early. Maybe that's one of the few benefits of third shift; you're always up for the sunrise.

Thanks much for stopping by! :)