One of the most grateful days (little history)


"There is a very special group of people in this world, those whose actions are made from the heart, people who are born to give themself to others, and to serve, as a servant serves their pastor, there are those who serve his heart and they give themselves to the world, to those who suffer and to those who need ...
they are happy at the cost of the fruit of their service, learn with the desire to use learning for others, but they are also those sensitive to life and to suffering...
they have the facility of having a million thoughts in the wake of a word, an action; those who are born with altruism in their hearts, poor of them when this selfish world consumes them, when hate affects them and when they cant follow their heart ... " J&A
I love this fragment so much that one day like today I wrote with another volunteer during a talk about what it meant to be volunteers❤️
🖤🔐4 months in a sanctuary giving time and ideas to who I think is the owner of life, 3 years in a church preaching its word to the youngest, 2 years in a hospital trying to make patients who are sick forget their problems, almost one year in a refuge with people affected by human unconsciousness, affected by ignorance and lack of love, and only one day One moment, one decision will be enough to ruin the heart and the way of appreciating life.
At the end of writing the fragment J and I we concluded with this "everything you do, do it with love"
I wanted to write this and hang it somewhere because I just received an email from J where It left my heart sensible, but with a lot of hope❤️
I would like to talk about J in some post, I have the gift of expressing myself about others, and there is so much I would like to say about this soul that fights for the injustice of others and loves the world equally.
(I like partiko, because I don't know anyone and nobody knows me hahaha)

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