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2년 전

Today I had to do, what I refer to as, a hard reset. I've been over-clocking my brain recently and today it seemed to take its toll. So it was back to bed, watch the new Star Trek, watch a really sweet documentary about Spock, fall asleep and have weird Star Trek dreams, for most of the day

Here's the doc, it's on Netflix and is quite lovely

On a hard reset day I often feel guilty about not working (as I do have a stupid amount of work to get done at the moment, all with hard deadlines) so the deal I often make myself is this: I can take the day off but I have to get one hour of work done at some point during the day.

Well that's what I've just done. Now at least I feel I'll be able to get through tomorrows lecture ok, even if it does mean finishing writing the lecture before class (which I hate). This will be week 9 of 12, almost there now.

No Actifit today as I've not left the flat. So I ruin my 21 day streak there sadly but it does give me an excuse to use some of my partiko points

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Interesting to read this, because I thought I was the only person like this. I typically work nearly constantly with my downtime consisting of reading new AI/machine learning papers, writing code to better understand algorithms, and so on. But I find I can only do this for a few months at a time and I have to fall back to doing something else after my regular work time. I'm currently back to doing woodworking, but at other times it might be playing guitar, ukulele, dulcimer, harmonica, or recorder. Those deadlines are tough though. I've got two presentations coming up and a homework that I needed to create a month ago. If it helps, one of our employee health support staff told me that he was probably the only person at our university who could tell someone to stop working and go do something else that he or she enjoyed. According to him, the benefits on doing this are very high.

BTW, your headline showing "Correlations reported as "science" in the media" is related to part of what I've been spending so much time reading about. The more I learn about Judea Pearl's (and Robbins and Hernan's) Causal Inference work, the more I realize how much we need to take many correlational studies with a grain of salt. Unfortunately, their work also shows that many RCTs suffer from causal inference problems as well due to overadjustment bias.

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That all sounds like a really health ways to cope with burn out, well done that's rare! Its only for another few weeks for me thankfully then I'm going to try and move away from academia for a while, its taken a lot out of me lately.


Sorry for the low upvote, I'm delegating to a load of projects at the moment. I'll pull it back when I start writing stem content again.

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