a lot have happen and one afternoon nap "Fail" Random Rambel Time.

4개월 전

been a long time since a have posted just a blog.
school has been taking up everything. time and energy. to day a was so tired so a took a nap at 17.00
just for and hour or so..but no now its 22.00 face plant. so yes. how to ruins my night's sleep.

school is going well all considering. but a have not been able to do anything else just go home its been a lonely few weeks. a had this money crisis hanging over my head. long story short last year a was living in Vancouver Canada and a was funded it by renting out my flat. but the problem here was the tax
it was plan a know it was going to be a lot of $$$ but not as much they wanted. and a the tax super late normally you get it Juni or before a got mine in September. and it was 65000kr or 7078$ /&¤")#¤&" ya.
a was expecting and had manage to save up 50000kr or 5000$ so ye. and my plan was to work on the side when a was doing school but it was to much for me so a did not earn anything sins mid august.
and just to top it up my scholarship took over 7 weeks to get approved. but last week a got it. and sins it was delay so much a got a lot in one go. so now a have payed the bill and a have money in the bank
not a lot but more then a had fear. so finally after six months a know what a have, so a big burden is gone can we say a have been living like a farmer from the The eighteenth century sins a landed from Canada in January. am going to continuing but now a know what a have and can save for a holiday a dream to go back to burning man in a few years time.

from yesterday a bit cold +9 but no rain. so nice.

a think my money problems and scroll and just been drain of energy just broke me so for the last three weeks or so a have not been able to ride my bike in the forest. be social or take care of me just been doing school and minecraft lol.
its not a bad combo but still. but after a payed my tax. a broke free and on the first free rain day yesterday in a week or so a was out it was so easy got home eat and left last week it was nice weather but my body just say no. most of last week was super cold to. +5 and rain is a bad combo when you are riding 50 km/t down a hill.

and good friend and cyclist of mine is moving back to Australia in one weeks time. its ok but am sad over it he is so easy to deal with. Tomorrow we are going out to eat at a place called habibi (Palestinian food) they have something called Mezah "tapas" the best, my favorite restaurants and now after a have my money back a can go there. even in bad times a can hang with him and his girlfriend like last Sunday we had coffee and wander around Oslo for four hours.
so he is gone soon a will be ok but feels bad.

my brother is doing a lot of vegetable growing now days he is really good at it so he gave me and pumpkin , squash and garlic from this year production am not us to using pumpkin but it came out good next week he is bringing me one more they are around 3 kg so good to eat. and easy transport sins he living a few hours away from me but commute to my town and staying 2 days a week or so.

And just to add on a just heard and acquaintance of mine Died last week. ironic a was thinking of him a few days back he lived in my street just a few blocks away. we where in the same circles for almost 10 years. always had good conversations. Always been ruining in to him on my street on a regular basis but haven't seen him in a long time. but this is life you know.

As time flies 90 min on this one. almost bed time ones more. But am not done yet.
a got my proof a have dyslexia. when a say proof a got a paper on it a took the test in school.
and yes a have it. but the fun part is my numbers now days the test is all done on a computer so its
the same for everyone.


so yes am a Good Will Hunting character. Score under is dyslexia for sure and from 10 -30 is normal above 30 is above average. like wtf. 94%. the 94% is to remember information and
answer correctly. The 66% is when a read a text and remembering after. the 57% is remembering numbers. but then you have the 1% or number 15 is dictation. a got one correct from a long list.

All the under 10% is writing. So my writing my blog here..in English "not before now a had it in school"
pat on back. and a learn to a get 450$ more a months in scholarships. for having the "Paper"
and this extra money get me over the edge. before a was missing just a few hundred to not be on minus and not be living in a cave. A get a special correct program for free and its going to help my writing a lot special my grammar on where my dot are and remembering using USING UPPERCASE.

A have decided what to do next year to am going to apply to adult education on Sinsen here in oslo and take high school there am missing five subject to be able to get to college. 1 or 2 years to do it. a think 1 is to little but, its all about the journey at this point. The plan is to be done in 6 years. then a will have community worker, Disability Nurse or ambulance but the last one is unrealistic though a want to have the option. all of the choice are demanding high school so no point to remove a dream at this point.

ohh the time 12.12 getting there. one funny side effect of school is my joy of write. special fiction. a remember my mother told me when a was very young 1-3 grade in school a was writing long story one book long story's of the rolling pancake. But it was not possible to read. Then all the shit happen so a lost the joy of everything. But now 20 years later a found it again. am currently working on a Crimean novel its in Norwegian but still. a have newer written something so long before.

its 01.07 after fix my post as much as I can. Getting tired. Good night

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Congratulations on the scholarship! What are you studying? School is a lot of work and that can be pretty stressful. Minecraft probably helps, though! Ha.

Good luck with dyslexia, too. I know what you're going through there. I had to get a a psychologist-issued test to prove I had dyslexia ($$$) so that I could get a little extra time on exams at the university. When I went back for a masters, they wanted me to di it again... because you can get better, right? lol

Do you have any plans of moving back to Canada? Never been to Burning Man, myself, but I bet that would have some great photo opportunities.

Anyway, good luck with the studies!


am just doing Norwegian ,math and English to get the ball roiling. a technical dont need this but am doing it to get my school skill/ joy up to when its matters. its more or less junior high next year its going to matter. on grades etc. yes a have hard this too even when somebody has physical disabilities to get benefits..so you can better when you are paralyzed. lol.
not moving no. but holiday sure. to get back now its complacent with work visa etc.

ty :)

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Halla mann. @norwegianbikeman

Håper vinteren behandler deg bra til nå. Vi går jo snart heldigvis mot lysere tider igjen.

Godt å høre det ordner seg for skolegangen din, og at det går bra. Antar oppholdet på steem betyr at du har mye skolearbeid, ikke at du har gitt opp steem. Vi må jobbe på nå frem til masseadapasjon 🌿

Peace bro 🤘 dysleksi for livet ♥️🙏✌️

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