progress in my change how a eat week 1

8개월 전

week one of change how a eat is almost over.
if has gone well. a have been working on figure out how a can eat a lot of vegetables whit out it to expansive. and dealing whit my night cravings. my weakness jam on crispbread just before bed.
one ide is to make my own jam its easy and a can reduce the sugar a lot.

almost at the top of the clime to tryvannstua on Friday


man's salad

my processed sugar etc cake/ candy etc.

  • monday noting
  • Tuesday cake for dinner :(
  • Wednesday noting
  • Thursday 1 wheat buns at work and nuttela on my crispbread
  • Friday nuttela on my crispbread at work
  • Saturday 1 wheat buns and ice cream at work
  • Sunday noting

biking list (target at least 3 trips per week.

had a bad start this week but.

  • Friday 40km after work. had a plan to go 55km but was tired so a did a long clime and a bit shorter in sted
  • Sunday long trip 70km or so. meet up whit a friend other side of the city a bit cold and rain in the begging then was a good temp.


the view down inn to Sørkedalen over halfway to the top.

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