short one but its to late "food/health project week 3

7개월 전

to day it was raining all day long so no ride to day but was out yesteday so a got my 3 rides anyway.
just starting playing minecraft did it all day to day so sort post need to sleep.
anyhow. food going good. salad man going strong. am starting to be good at getting good deals a think its not so expensive as a was thinking. on the biking not the best week I decided to accept a school space so a was a bit in frezz so had trubbel getting out on my bike. just in 4 weeks or so..


a dinner :)

now the bad list:

its summer and no air conditioning at work..

  • monday noting
  • Tuesday ice cream at work
  • Wednesday noting
  • Thursday ice cream at work
  • Friday ice cream at work
  • Saturday ice cream at work
  • Sunday noting

now biking list (target at least 3 trips per week.
Target done

  • Tuesday Kikut 55km or so.
  • Wednesday movann 50km
  • Saturday movann 50km
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