Cleaning Up The House

2개월 전


We have a walkthrough with the landlord scheduled for tomorrow and so I am getting the house spruced up for it. Also looking at all the items and the handover conditions from three years ago. There's definitely been some wear and tear but nothing major I would say. The house is about 10 to 11 years old and definitely needs some work done.

I would love to know, although I probably won't ever find out, whether the landlord decides to sell the place or continue renting it out. If I were her, I would sell it. Take the money and buy Bitcoin. Property prices are crazy here and the thought of a couple of months with no rent and having to serve an expensive mortgage are scary.

Although I am sure the landlord has deep pockets to tide through these difficult times. Also, rents have come down from when we were renting three years ago. By almost 15-20%. The landlord would have bought this place long ago so I am sure even this reduced rental would cover the mortgage. Unless of course they took out a second mortgage. In which case, this is going to be a tough couple of months.

Still, drop the rent far enough and I am sure there will be takers. This is still quite a good place to live.

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