Doing Some HIIT In The Room

2개월 전


In order to combat the quarantine bulge, I am doing some HIIT by watching some YouTube videos and following along. Definitely good to work out a sweat after being stuck in the room for so long. On a positive note, the days are going by rather fast. It has already been 9 days and we only have 5 days left.

The key day will be the day 12 quarantine test where we need to take a cab to the hospital and take a covid test. It should be a negative result since we are coming from a country with a zero covid policy but the big risk is the flight and airport.

The new covid variant was detected in HK which is a bit of a concern. That thing could have spread all over the airport given how virulent it is. But assume that it is a negative result, then we will move to our new home for the next couple of months.

We are thinking whether to settle for a smaller space with service or a bigger space and arranging our own cleaning etc. Given our experience at the last place, maybe it is best to do smaller space with service.

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