Frustrations With Government Red Tape

2개월 전


Back home, almost 80% of the population lives in public housing. It isn't the public housing that the rest of the world is familiar with. It is almost a right of passage for new homeowners to buy their first home from the government and then sell it an buy one in the private market later.

Anyway, one of the new restrictions in place has been the 5 year period that you need to stay in the house without renting it out or being unable to sell. That's fine enough and we haven't rented or tried to sell as we moved overseas for work.

Now, there seems to be some confusion as to whether you need to physically stay in the house or not. It seems pretty onerous on top of the existing requirements to not rent out. The intent is to prevent profiteering which I don't see why we should be penalized if the company is sending us overseas.

Furthermore, we wanted our home vacant as we expected to travel back and forth frequently but due to covid, we were unable to. Anyway, I am waiting on the official word from the government staffers before deciding on the next steps.

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