Got Spot Checked By The Police Last Night

2개월 전


They do things a bit differently compared to the countries where I came from previously. There, the hotel operator is responsible for making sure that quarantine guests do not go out of their hotel rooms. Here, the police themselves are involved.

So last night, I got a call from the police and maybe things were lost in translation but they ended up coming to our hotel to make sure that we were here. Initially, I thought that they were going to come up to our room but they ended up just going to the front desk and calling from there.

A bit scary in my opinion considering that it was around 11:45 pm when that happened. I usually fall asleep around 10+ if there's nothing going on. So if I had missed their call then what? Would they kick down the door and come storming into the room.

An interesting experience for sure. Can't wait for it to be over and moved on to the home quarantine portion. At least that will have some level of freedom.

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