Landlord Has Many Demands

2개월 전

So we just did the walkthrough of the house with the landlord and they have a number of things that they want fixed. Mainly with the flooring. There are some little scratches and one scratch that is a little deeper. They want all of them removed.


I am a little annoyed as I would have considered the little ones fair wear and tear. The major one that's fine. Anyway we now have to get a quote on the cost to repair the scratch and see how much it costs and go from there. I would really rather not have to deal with such things before flying.

Also, I need to rush a couple of projects for clients before flying. Some are bug fixes to do with different versions of MS Excel. Others are bugs. And then there are new feature requirements.

So many things to do and so little time. Will need to burn the midnight oil if I hope to get most things done before leaving.

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