Last Minute Rushing

2개월 전


When people get stressed, sometimes they can't think straight. They also tend to forget what they did, what they said and can be critical of others. It is important to remember that. Anyway, now it is a really high stress period with a lot of moving things to settle and a lot of them are important.

The biggest headache is still the disagreement with the landlord. It would be easier to get peace of mind by just settling but I guess when you feel hard done by, you need to fight for your rights.

So we have packing and disposal tomorrow as well as the final showdown with the landlord. Today we are moving to the hotel a day early. I hope all the hotel check in and covid testing goes smooth. Meeting a good friend before I fly off in the evening. Hope i won't be late.

Then I will probably come home and do some last minute walk around the place to make sure I didn't miss anything out.

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Why did you agrieved the land Lord??

Why did the Land Lord aggrieve you??

Why did you disagree with the Landlord??

Why Hotel??

Why not another Apartment??