Last Weekend In This Place

2개월 전


Three years have flown by and soon it is time to fly. I can't believe that it is the last weekend here. After my home country, this is where I've spent the longest time. Other countries have been a maximum of one year. So, with most of the things settled other than last minute stuff and the landlord's demand to have the floor fixed, t is time to enjoy ourselves.

Going to go shopping at the mall one last time and also to buy some necessities for the coming week. Actually it is only four days left because we need to vacate the place by Thursday. So I will need to tell some clients that there will be some delay while I relocate and fly.

Hopefully the covid tests come back negative and that will be the last thing that is outside our controlled settled. Going to be a hectic couple of days with 15,000 steps a day minimum. Here's to another three good years and then who knows where we will be next.

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