The Scammy Things Companies Do

2개월 전


My Internet Service Provider is supposed to contact me about the waiving of remaining balance on the contract. So here's what happened. Their agents kept pestering me to renew the contract and I told them that it is very likely that I will be relocating in the coming year.

They said, no worries, we will cancel the contract if your company sends a letter stating that you are posted overseas. I was skeptical and told them that I am not interested. Then they kept pestering me again and again till I finally agreed. After all, if two different agents sing the same tune, then surely it must be a real policy.

Well, come to the actual time when you need this policy to be working and they now say that you need to pay half. I was furious. Told them there's no way that I am paying half. Anyway, they are supposed to get back to me by 2 p.m. today and there's no sign of that.

Ridiculous. At least back home, you can trust the companies to be legit. Here, even the companies are trying to fleece you. Scary.

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