The Test Results Are In

2개월 전


We got our covid test results from the airport late last night at around 10 p.m. and thankfully we were all tested negative. That's probably to be expected given that there were so few cases where we were coming from. Probably more important is that at least so far, no one on our flight tested positive.

On the meal front, I am doing some adjustments as the calorie intake is simply too high for a sedentary lifestyle. So I am starting to reduce the intake by not ordering certain courses like the sides and salad. Way too much although I suppose a lot of it is fiber.

Also taking the opportunity to help my kids with their school work a bit more. Doing sight words and some number counting stuff in preparation for their new school. That will be a big adjustment for them. The first time they are changing school and there will be at least one more time that happens in the near future. I hope it is a comfortable adjustment.

Work-wise, I am taking a small little break but clients still expect stuff to get done so I do need to do some work during quarantine. We got a HDMI cable and that has been good on the entertainment front once kids are asleep. Anyone else in quarantine?

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