Tried All The Food On The Menu

2개월 전


After a couple of days here, we have tried everything on the menu already. Luckily the menu refreshes every week or we would be so bored of the food. We have been cutting back on the food for the last couple of days and maybe today we will order the usual portion.

On the other work front, I am waiting for some client responses and for someone who usually replies fast, they are taking an awfully long time to get back. Wonder why that is. Usually there's an out of office notice of some sort but nothing received does make me a little concerned.

Considering that they said that the changes were urgent, the fact that it is radio silence after the response is a little puzzling.

Time to do some work and getting emails replied as well as claims done in the morning while the kids watch some cartoons. It will be busy once this 'quiet' time is over.

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