Winter Is Coming

2개월 전


Winter Is definitely coming soon as temperatures drop below 20 degrees seemingly overnight. Like last week it was hot and now this week it is cold. There was no in-between period. Still, I am not complaining about this sort of nice temperature even without air conditioning.

It makes sleeping without the air conditioner possible and we have six months of it to look forward to. Where we are heading will be slightly colder although the summers are warmer and even less pleasant. Apparently it can even reach close to 40 degrees which is crazy if buildings aren't designed for it.

In the tropics, where it is summer year round, the buildings are built to be airy and cool so although there are periods when it can be oppressive, it doesn't last for too long.

Nowadays, even wearing a mask isn't too bad as the humidity has dropped a fair bit. You don't get that annoying moisture build up. One thing to take note is the drop in moisture makes the skin dry so remember to moisturize!

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