#100DaysOfCode Educational Challenge

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#100DaysOfCode is a challenge designed to encourage self-education in code and development. It's also the inspiration of a number of other challenges that have popped up such as #100DaysOfFitness, #100DaysOfHealth, #100DaysOfGratitude, #100DaysOfGiving, etc.

Official Website: http://100daysofcode.com

Here are the guidelines for #100DaysOfCode:

Learn more about the main rules, as well as some other considerations.

  • Code for a minimum an hour a day
  • Tweet your progress daily with the hashtag: #100DaysOfCode
  • Each day, reach out to at least two people on Twitter who are also doing the challenge

That's it.

Since I'm already doing this, because I code most days and I'm already on Twitter every day, it's not much of a challenge for me alone. But since my son, Joey, is a newbie-coder; we're going to do this together. So it will be my 2nd challenge, and he did the Scratch game design challenge; it should be fun.

I'm posting about this because I'm welcoming anyone else who'd like to give it a try as well. I know that @utopian-io is currently offering immediate account creation for open source contributors. So I think we'll also be tagging that as we do the challenge. In addition, many projects on Steem are hoping to bring more Dev's onto the blockchain. So I think it would be a great chance for Steem Developers to interact with the broader communities on #100DaysOfCode and Twitter, as well as, them to learn about us, @utopian-io, and developing for this blockchain.

If you're already a developer or coder of any kind, I bet you already code every day and already use Twitter.

So what are we going to learn? Joey wants to learn Angular and Vue. I want to learn Node and React. Both of us need to work on Javascript, so maybe taking it back to the foundation will be the way. Or maybe just go left and learn more about Python, since we use it in Blender. I'm giving him the rest of this week and weekend to decide. :)

Why am I posting this? Well, I'll be adding my updates on Twitter but I realized after a few chats on Discord that not many Steemians know about these voluntary code challenges. Of course, the only incentive is being an even more bad-ass coder. But I feel it extends beyond this. Many people I've spoken to here are really interested in SMT's, coding, blockchain, and more. But making the time to learn, not so easy. I guess I feel like this is a cool challenge to encourage accountability.

What do you think? Would you want to learn how to program? Do you already program?

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I am slowly working on a Python class on Udemy that I bought during a flash sale for like $15. I love that you posted this! I won't be able to join in on this challenge because I have way too much going on to be able to dedicate the time it deserves but I would love to get in on the next one (if there is one).


It's always ongoing @socent :)


Good to know! Thanks for the info!

Your son may find Perl fun. It is an interpreted scripting code. There is a Perl Module under development which is somewhat comparable to the steem python library. Made a few small changes to this example script which was in the Module's package. You two may find it fun.


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