3 Months Together On Steem

3년 전

3 Months Together.jpg

To make a 1 month to 3 month comparison, at 1 month my followers were 300 and was following around 1000 people. My rep was almost 50 as I closed in on one month, and I had powered up a little bit. At 3 months now exactly, I have 925 followers and I'm following around 1200 people — many of the same and a couple hundred more. My rep is almost 55. And my SP has doubled at least. I should probably note here, my own SP is about 124~ — this will help me look back later.

I've stifled myself a little because I chose to delegate outward also. I've thought about pulling some of this back at the advice of some friends who think I should mostly focus on getting to be a real Minnow or Dolphin before being too kind too soon. I admit I'm faced with moral dilemma upon moral dilemma trying to grasp and meet the various social and financial expectations of all the friendships I'm making, while living up to my own aspirations.

Growing my account was part of my 2018 Goals. Other goals are on par as well. One I fell back on a bit was photomapping my area. Getting my bike fixed is setting me back some so I'm working hard. And now the weather is nicer so I'm hoping to get back to that.

I've failed at posting as much as I'd like. I wonder what's "too much" posting. I appreciate the autovotes and that a lot of people have subscribed to trailing me and autovoting me. I don't even know if I hold back or I just don't have anything to hold back sometimes. I've thought about using Golos more (I signed up, same username) and getting a little more niche in certain ways.

Looking back on my Introduce Myself page, I wish I could have a "do-over" on that as well. What's nice to see is that there's several dozen people who've for the most part, stuck by me for the ride. Sometimes I feel like my current followers weren't really there to see where I'm starting from. I wonder what that might amount to a year from now.

Account Growth

If I was coin, would you invest in me? That's my slogan haha jk


Word Cloud

It seems I use a lot of the heart emoji. Lol.

wordcloud (1).jpg

Steem Sincerity

Illuminati Confirmed?


Curation and Engagement Leagues

Info on that here. I joined mostly because of the metrics. I don't win anything because of my naughty behaviors. I don't deal with group 1 because I'm not maxing rewards and I have a delegation. Group 2 helps me stay accountable as far as my personal engagement goals.

I'm going to have to learn to get my own data one day like they do. In the meantime, I'm so thankful that folks like @firedream, @abh12345, @paulag, @jesta and others are always crunching numbers. ♥️


What's Going On?

I turned 41 on May 24th. I colored my hair from Auburn (natural) to Blonde (April) to Black (May.) This is so girly but hey it's a way I let some of my creativity leak out. I got my first GREY single solitary hair. I was against coloring it, so I plucked it out and kept it. I'm weird like that. Aging is something I've never confronted before actually seeing something like that. It's funny how we can confront the fear of so many things, including death, and yet the idea of slow aging is another whole mind-fuck. So while I'm not yet at a point of a mid-life crisis, lol, I've accepted this is a marker in my journey — kind of like when the US signed away it's gold and you know inflation is inevitable. I guess I should stop eating potato chips at some point.


I won a Steem Mug

This was a fun contest held by @tecnosgirl. See post here. She holds some awesome contests on her page for cool Steem Swag.


I won a #GooglyEyes delegation

I really love this contest and hope to participate more soon, as well as, relaunch a better #Handface contest. I really enjoy making games for @newbiegames. My time and account are spread thin right now so I've not been able to make as many games in awhile. But it's truly something I enjoy. The winning post for that #GooglyPrize is here.


I won @Simplymike "Protect From Phishing" Contest

The winning post I wrote is here and her Winner Announcement is here.


@asapers featured this post too!

What was strange was I was't even part of A.S.A.P.E.R.S. but somehow they found me. The post they featured this article in is here. They do a lot to curate undervalued content on Steem. If you like regular digests of variety of content, they're really dedicated to their cause.


I won a 500SP delegation from @SMG

There's no post to show the process of winning but here is the post where I announced this.

Made with rage generator

@Curie.... again.

I was also featured in the Curie Author Showcase (April 13th, 2018). This was for Breaking The Silence: An Autism Journey Part 1. I'm still writing Part 2. Thank you to @andywong31 for choosing my post for consideration. It was this post that @meno invited me to join @helpie.♥️

@TheDailySneak Supported Me

Sneaky. Hm. Guest curator @tcpolymath gave me some love by curating my announcement of my web magazine project. The post is here. I'm so thankful to have this project noticed. It and #steemtipathon have called to me.


@TrufflePig Everywhere


and more...

@Transcript-junky recognized my efforts

Nice bit of acknowledgement here and he always includes me in his roundups of those actively promoting Steem on social media and on the web. I think this was kind because I've been trying to get some support from #promo-steem for my efforts on the SteemDaily and SteemTipathon. So it was nice that he acknowledged my activity on Twitter.


@Resteemable has been kind to me

I would have to list every post to thank @resteemable crew enough for simply resteeming me all the time. I never asked them to do it and stopped doing the Re: thing awhile back. They just look out for my content and I really appreciate that.

Ongoing Delegations

Please consider following and voting for @meno, @novacadian, and @gpalav for their ongoing faith in me.

What I'm Doing

  1. Steem Daily Press Presentation explains about steemdaily.press in more detail. It's all in pictures so it's easy to grab the gist of it.

  1. #STEEMTIPATHON is a Social Media Onboarding Campaign /slash/ Music Show. You can read more about it here It's a work in progress..

  2. @steemitkids — This concept logo was put together by @nasirparwaz and if you need a logo, he's available for hire.


After drafting this, I found out someone already came up with the blue emoji idea. They kind of went off Steemit though so Idk how to reach them. So I may change this. But basically, my kids want me to upload their twitch to dlive. So that will be their piggy bank. I'm welcoming them to grow into mini dolphins with mommy and become Steem influencers. Since they can't use Steemit, we're using Wordpress and I'm being the middleman for the Steemside.

  1. @steemthemer — My sister doesn't want any credit for this. But it's a dual thing. She'll sign up, don't worry. Working on this along with a layout for @darrenclaxton and possible ways of using Steemit and Steempay to sell music on Steem and offSteem for Steem. Hm... mad scientists. @atomcollector also had us interested in pull requests of condenser to see if anything can be done to broaden the embedded media options on various interfaces. Experimental. No promises.

  2. An Onboarding Platform. This is somewhat complicated to explain. I use @steemtipper from @followbtcnews / @crimsonclad as a core part of #steemtipathon. This distributes steem off the blockchain to prospective users. Solving for the problem with getting people pre-educated without overwhelm, onboarded successfully, invested in themselves and others, and having a successful first month is the focus of the platform. It will make more sense when I have an Alpha version running.

  3. I'm in 50+ Discords including Steemers, Witness Communication Assembly, Helpie, SMG, Steem Community Coalition, Asapers, SUPA (Steemits Unbreakable Parents of Autism), Hip Hop The Blockchain and many others; also moderating passively several of these.

And more things to announce. But one foot in front of the other.

I have met many wonderful people this past few months. Some in person and many online. Too many to name. And I think this post is long enough right now. But I owe many a manual curation post. So perhaps I'll highlight them as I go.

If you don't use all your Steem Power every day and you wish it not to go to waste, I will use it wisely.

1SP 5SP 10SP 50SP 100SP 500SP

Would you like to 🍵 Buy Me A Coffee? 🍵 <<< How cool is that? ;)

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Instead, please upvote my latest post instead.

More Post By Me...

If you're not following, you can see older posts and more at https://steemit.com/@omitaylor


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woah... steeming with rocket boosters... quite some accomplishments for just three months! KUDOS!


👀 Thanks @fraenk ♥️ So far so good! Trying to see if I can get to official minnow in 6 months.😍


Well... if you stay on track you should get there ahead of schedule... GOGOGO


♥️ going going going

Absolutely brilliant post @omitaylor
You covered a lot of different aspects of your Steemit journey! Your digressions are to be applauded too! I'm a red head and had no grey hairs at the age of 44!
Keep being awesome and fantastically weird cis we love you that way!
Cheers 🥂


Thank you for the applause. Ha! I hear the red / auburn / chestnut causing gene variant is tough cookie.😆 That I have to thank my father for. My eyes are acorn red-brown also. My real hair is actually more like a medium cherry-wood with auburn highlights. Genetic roll of the dice. Being mutliracial anything could happen. Although I think the dark hair makes me look related to my kids more. 🌈 My youngest son Joe got my dad's green-hazel eyes. ♥️

Yeah, I'm not ready for grey hair but I absolutely love it on others. Must have a talk with myself.✊😅


My favorite emoji. Oh you flatter.

Great - you have done so much here on Steemit during that time. Awesome to see your achievements and the projects you've been involved with.

Really excited to see where you are in another 3 months!


@eftnow Thank you. I'm excited too. It's an interesting ride. Thank you also for your great podcasts. They kick ass. Do you put them on iTunes?

Wow. Those are some bad-ass achievements since you joined very recently. I mean I didn't even started properly even after 3 months of joining. :-D You deserve a big shout OOOMMMMMIIIIIII ;-)

I wish you reach your goals sooner than you anticipated. Haha! And I know you will if you keep going on like this. I really like the way your posts are very detailed and backed with full of research. I also try to do the same and learnt a lot of new stuff from you. Really appreciate you tagging me every now and then to inform me about a new bot or a project that might interest me. Cheers for that! :-D Wish you great luck.

Oh wow you have done so much in 3 months. My 3rd month I was still struggling to know what I really wanted to do here if I was going to keep it as an online journal or would I want a more active presence in community building.

Yet everyone has their own pace.

I think you are doing wonderful. A couple of curies, winnings contests and delegations and being active in a lot of communities are showing that you are already a whale inside.

I look forward to seeing you grow more.


Thank you @maverickinvictus ♥️ I'm chugging along. Maybe one day I will be a real whale. I wouldn't be upset about that.Lol 🐳

Keep on growing and help other's. Lots of love. :)


Thank you so much @silveraxe! How are you doing? Glad to see you here :)

You seem to be all around and won a lot and have done a lot. Congrats on that and all the winnings and accomplishments. I am also in the Engagement League but I have been slacking in my steeming that I can't seem to increase my standing.


The engagement league is great to inspire more engagement. I like challenges. But don't beat yourself up for it. I saw some of your posts and you're doing so great. Thanks also for spreading that post about phishing too. Thanks for the congrats. I'm trying. ♥️

  ·  3년 전

Way to go @omitaylor!


Hey! Nice to see you here! Thank you @hhtb! I got my eye on yall. How is everything going? I saw the new anthem on Twitter. ♥️

  ·  3년 전

yes yes! the music video will be out this week!

what an awesome journey, thank you so much for the shout out.


😆Thanks @paulag

Overall having a great time! Thanks for being around and doing what you do. Love your excel stuff. I went to your website! You're an amazing excel star. I was super impressed.

Thanks for the shoutout! Its great to have you here on steemit with us! Keep up the good work! 😀


Thank you @andywong31 it's a pleasure and thank you for keeping an eye on me :)

Did you know that in the last days or even weeks you gained at least 100+ new bot followers?

The rest is really a very good thing to see how many things you've done so far. So I would say you really earned those prizes and rewards!


That's interesting. I haven't seen a bunch of new followers as of late. About 10 came in at once today so maybe I'll start getting these too? I keep track of my "active" followers and following through:


Shame we can't block the socks. Mute is a friend. I mostly use @ginabot and other tools to follow specific people I need to see regularly on my end. So what are you doing about this bot trail?


You could say that they don't really cause any issue. It's only very misleading since those followers seem to be bots that won't have any interest in you.

But we already had 60%-85% inactive followers. So just a bit more works just as good.

It could become an issue of these accounts will upvote each other. I have at least 100 of these followers, but most likely I even reach up to 150.

You also have lots of them. Not only from today, but also yesterday, 22 May and 20 May.



I am totally real though. Absolutely. I swear it. 10000101010.


Me too. I swear @tcpolymath

00111010 00101001


I did not determine you as one of these bot trail accounts. Those all start following at 20:34 and 20:35.

It was just that I could not make a better screenshot with my smartphone. At least I don't know how to do so on my Apple.

Sorry for the unclear overview. The puzzle still continues....



Some of those are definitely real. Lol. I know them. You're right, some little flood started happening. Mute keeps them out of your own "public tag" pages. What I don't like it the micro-inflation of my numbers. Still, I try to visit every follower and assess. So nothing will change there. I've flat out asked people to unfollow me and they have. Some accounts, like the aaaaa type- are actually indexing and resteeming accounts. Very few people go look to find out.

Human disinterested followers I don't mind either. I'm inactive on many of the people's pages I follow like dev, witnesses, etc. I just want to see their articles in my feed to stay informed. That's also fine.

Lack of interaction is not always a sign of lack of interest.

I don't mind these kinds of spammers on the blockchain. Like you said, they're benign. I don't even care if they upvote each other. As long as they're not posting phishing links and hijacker software, I'm fine that they exist. Witnesses don't like these kinds of softminers because they bloat the blockchain and they cost them more in ram.


I'm going to follow along your experiments. :)


I hope you enjoy them. And if you have any requests let me know!

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@trufflepig Thank you as always @trufflepig! I wish you would review all of my posts. They help me get an idea what their value is.


Huh? Seems like I already voted on this post, thanks for calling anyway!

Wow so many of achievements.
I am kinda inspired from you now :)
I am gonna invest more time on steemit.

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I love post you this in steemit

Voted and resteemed

I am happy for your success💖 @omitaylor

I LOVE this post, Omi. I'm resteeming it to remind myself to read and note some of the people-ideas etc that have worked for you. I hold you up with such regard for your tech savvy, entrepreneurial 'thing" and am amazed at what you're achieving. Inspired. :)

I've accepted this is a marker in my journey...

Love the gray hair being a marker on your journey! Will be using that with proper accreditation. 😎

Very well organized post, easy to keep reading. You've accomplished a lot in the past 3 months! I want to do a similar post soon, I'm mostly interested in showing off the analytics like this:

Where do you pull the info from? Is it part of the Curation and Engagement league?


Various places: steemreports, steemd, engagement leagues, and others. Steem analytics.