City Container Garden Seedlings

3년 전

Cherry Tomatos

Just one lone surviving cherry tomato baby out of four. She is thriving though and ready to be re-potted.

Spinach Sprouts

The spinach seeds were sprouted in a plastic bag and I just put them in dirt. They're yellow right now but they'll come back.

Cucumber and Thyme

So, I don't know how to really care for thyme and I'm still learning. I pretty much drowned this one before it got mad ha-ha. Just leaving it be until I can get some sand and gravel for it. Might seed more here. Cucumber is thriving and ready for a new pot.


This guy got a sunburn and half died, along with the parsley. Pruned back, the comeback is doing better than the first round.


Here is the parsley I thought I killed. Chopped the whole top off and the new growth is twice as thick. It was delicious too. The burned leaves joined the compost bucket. R.I.P. lol


Also sunburned, she's back like a pheonix. She's also happier away from the Basil. I guess mint and basil judge each other lol.


I think this is sweet basil. It certainly argues being next to the mint. May end up in the pot with Tomato. Trying to learn more about companion planting to save space, and square foot gardens.

Chives sprouting

Sprouting from seed in dirt, these are just poking out. They sprouted super fast. Base was lobster fertilzer. Lol.

Sweet Pepper

One sweet pepper outgrown its pot. Pruned and moving to a new pot today.

Needed a break from coding and 3d modeling. Thought I'd work on the porch today.

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Wow pos yg sangat bagus kawan saya selalu menikmati pos ini sobat.


♥️Thank you!

What a nice garden you have growing! I grow most of my plants in pots, too.


Thank you! I'm learning to make due. Wonderful experience. :)

Brilliant idea of planting in the city. Nice containers and I like those fresh tomato leafs. You indeed take care of them!


Thank you. I do take care of the plants although I don't know enough about gardening in the city so I've made some grave mistakes. Still, all are alive and strong. :)


I can see that. All good looking. I also know little about gardening in the city which makes you a lot better than I on this aspect.

I saw a video on youtube few weeks ago, and the guy said - we must use small containers for sprouting. I think that has higher chances rather than seeding all in a single big container.

Wow , you have lots of plants in your home.
It should take lot of time and effort for keeping them healthy :)

It looks like you're getting a good start on your container garden.


Thank you @amberyooper! It is coming along. I'm happy about it so far. 😀

This post has been featured in the @offgrid-online Garden Layout Results and Curation. Thank you for sharing your small space garden progress :)


😆😍👀😘🙏Oh wow thank you!!!

Oh yes, love to sit out with my herb and watch them grow! Had an impressive basil bush in my time, the cutest red peppers and of course tomatoes and salad greens for the win! Go GROW Omi! 🍅


Awe thank you. I'm surprised I aint kill these m'fers yet Keni, haha.. 😆

I definitely appreciate plant watching. I'm with you there. I got the green bug right now. Got me planting upside down from my porch roof and everything. Dirt was on sale. I can't even believe I have to buy dirt but that's another talk lmao.

Good cooking all winter starts here.


Haha yep know all bout that space saving, upside down strawberries! Also tried the shoe door hanger / herb wall garden with the drip feed from an old sprinkler system lol. Worked, just made a mess of the wall and building management forced me to take it down cos is was visible lol! Damn I jus tryin to eat organic and pay rent instead of whole foods LMAO!

Lol they be selling us dirt, water and air soon! Taxed 😵

I love what I'm seeing, you are not just good at singing but at farming as well... Lol

Try and transplant those tomatoes especially, so that they can thrive well