Have You Heard of Bitclout?



Bitclout is a social network too but it's a little different than Steemit. You can sign up for free and get free Bitclout coins. It's more of a game/experiment because there is no official offramp so be sure not to consider it an investment. The fun part of the program is that you can use it like Twitter. There used to be something like that here before. But you don't earn rewards for likes. Instead, your username is tokenized and it's one big trading platform. It's more like a game of CRED or COOLNESS. Anyhow, I think it's fun and we hang out on Clubhouse a lot chilling and making music. You can find me on Clubhouse and Bitclout (as well as every other social network) as Brixboston100

I'm just here looking for my old friends. If you remember me and are still here, get in touch with me.

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Great, I'm following you there too. Keep safe, thanks and good luck again!

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