My Greatest Teachers

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This picture is so old. My son Joseph will be 9 in July. Here I think he was just a chicken nugget. This is 2011. You can see from the state of affairs of the background, this was that time when my house looked like a daycare center. Ha-ha.


Theme song for the rest of this post.

Sometimes I feel like my kids and I are like old souls or something. We are spaced out a lot. Or it looks that way. Spectrum abnormalities. There's this neurological issue of having a really unusual corpus callosum. So it's like having the left brain and right brain being able to cooperate. As a result, information looks a lot like watching snowflakes fall in the winter while sort of seeing each one alone as well. In a way that interpreted inattention is hyper-attentive and highly sensitive. So sensitive in fact, that one becomes comfortable with tingling and tickling in a different way, sort of like being used to being almost naked in that snowfall.


I recall reading somewhere that the key sign of Autism is a lack of eye contact. I think we connect with those who try to understand us, Autistic or not. Right now, cutting edge Autism therapies are discovering that "floor time" and copying Autistic persons helps ASD persons snap out of the zone. But what really happens when you try to love someone is you step into their zone, and you start giving instead of expecting a certain behavior. Before you know it, we are looking into you, not just back at you.


Have you ever tried playing a video game with your controller set to super-sensitive? Have you ever realized how hard it is to control your player when your controller responds extremely to the subtlest of stimulation?


Or how about this... have you ever set a computer mouse so that a little nudge left swings the cursor half-way across the screen? Have you ever tried drawing a detailed graphic with such a mouse?

Or have you ever seen someone with Parkinson's disease try to feed themselves and shake and their food all over the floor? People with Autism have to make so much more effort to control everything: control the body like it's a player in a video game. That's why misbehavior and antisocial behavior and speech comes so easily I think. It's just that, imagine if every fine detail in a room was equally important and you have to rapidly figure out how not to make a complete ass out of yourself. Meanwhile, you want to love people just like everyone, and be loved.


Have you ever tried to figure out how something works, then OOPS, you broke it?


This is all thought salad right now....


I sometimes entertain the thought that my kids were my parents in a former life.


Me behind a horrible camera. My sister and our kids. Group hug. Go team.

Looking like a grown up and stuff ;)


My children teach me more than my parents ever did. I'm their student.

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What a winderful explaination of the perspective of the Autistic. Oh, and like that grown up look as well! 😎


Thank you @Novacadian ♥️

This was so beautifully written by you. Nice for a thought salad. Your children are beautiful...and loved. It shows.

And you're looking like an old time jazz singer/flapper dancer in that last photo. Very Betty Boop look. It's cute.

You're right, we connect with those who try to understand us. For some, we just have to try differently. You do what it takes.


Thank you for the compliments ♥️ I appreciate the love on this blog. The more vulnerable sort of blogs I'm still trying to master internally. Confidence comes so easy when doing curation posts and things like that. Then I go to write about my life and I get butterflies everywhere.

  ·  3년 전

i love this... im bringing some updoots... no can do, too low for my taste..


Thanks for the doots. ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️

Lovely thought salad - can I have some more please!. You explained it very well - clearly you've had hours and hours of floor time. Your kids are blessed.


Diagnostically speaking, I also have High Functioning ASD. Its difficult to identify with because I've lived my life not knowing and only finding out after my daughter was diagnosed. We carry a modified chromosome that may shed some light on the heritability of sensory differences. Thank you, I do believe they're blessed. I'm very lucky. My youngest son is entering full inclusive next year so he'll no longer be in special classes and will be fully integrated with his classmates the whole school day.♥️


Big congrats ✊ to your boy for the advances ❤

A person's level of mastery is fluid, and his ability to tackle the next problem is not static or immutable. I consider intelligence to be best thought of as the ability to learn new things rather than how much someone knows. The tools we use to asses all manner of individual differences, is developing in that direction. If a learner (child) has a teacher (parent) that reacts to him in ways that assist him to master that next milestone, he is blessed. It's what I initially meant - that they are blessed to have you! :-)


Ah! Blessed to have me? Well, humbling myself here; I'd have to reverse that. But perhaps you're right. Or, perhaps it's mutual. I do take great pride in being a mom, and a bridge builder (and sometimes, bridge burner ha-ha.) I'm truly in love several times over ♥️

Agreed intelligence is how to think, not what to think. I appreciate that affirmation. I think it was Einstein that said, ''education is not the learning of facts, it’s rather the training of the mind to think.''