Summer School Vacation

3년 전


Just thought I'd check in since it's been a week since I've last posted and a few people have DM'd me on Discord checking on me. First of all, thank you for your concern to all who have wondered where I am or if I'll be returning.

Yes! Of course I'm still here. However, as you may not be aware; I'm a full time work at home mom of 3 awesome kids. This time of year is when my youngest gradeschoolers get out of school for Summer Vacation! Yay! That means they're home with me all day and the usual 6+ working morning hours I have begins to change June-August. Where I would usually be working (and Steeming) 8am-4pm, now during this time I'm making meals, entertaining, wiping boogers, and doing overall mom things.

So when do I work? Well that's the thing, I don't much. I've set my life up so that during this time, things are usually on Auto-pilot, including a lot of my curating (thanks SteemAuto!) My goal is to still post 1-2 times per week. And once I get my new schedule situated, I'll be returning to tipping, tweeting, writing, and the usual shenanigans.

I'm also doing 2 little side things in the meantime as well. Working on competing in two contests for Steem Monsters; writing for the blue team and mapping the universe by Monday. Even if it doesn't work out, I'd like to give it my best shot.

Today I noticed Steem is down. So I imagine that explains why so few people are here. Not me though. I'm buying! And I wish I could be posting too! I do have steepshot and the esteem apps installed. And I may start blogging more about my parenting adventures while it's the prime of my activities this Summer.

I have been coding some really cool tutorials while I've been out and about with them. Yep, I carry my netbook with me. While I love engaging them, and I'm all about putting away the technology and paying attention- they ignore me a lot when we're playing and out. I guess that's because I never fit in the bouncy houses and swirly slides. LMAO!

So I am 100% still here and on board; just transitioning to a Summer schedule and being a present parent.

What are you doing for your Summer? Do you blog during your Summer? Let me know in the comments.

Talk soon!


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Hey Omi: enjoy your summer time and your three kids!

🌈 Love from @amico! 🙏🏻


Thank you darling!

This is good imagery post. I like it.


Thanks. I put her picture in Photoshop lol


I like your Photoshop photography. I'm glad for your good response.

Good to see you back! We all need a little break sometimes. And, of course, focus on the most important things in our lives FIRST.


Back? I didn't go anywhere lmao.....


Lol I meant back posting. I enjoy your material. I've been "away" some recently. It's summer. There's outdoor things to do so my ADHD kicks in hard when I'm trying to do things on here lol. Because I could be at the lake looking at a sunset or a rock lol

Yo I don't feel anyone who's gotten to know you on here ever doubts the omi-mommy-hustle don't quit lol! I knew you'd still be out there doing a million things, thanks for checking in with us. Mad respect to the single super-moms of the world!

I feel some steepshot parenting picture blogging would be awesome! Drop some realness and some snap shots of your world. I know we at @smg would love to see that ❤️💯


Ya. horay for all moms who take care of children


@leprechaun So true. So many have them, so few raise them. I feel very lucky and fortunate to have them.


Will try to oblige. See you caught me on the book being ratchet. LMAO! ♥️😆 #realpeoplereallife


LMAO!! Yo I see you no doubt, you talking to me I get assumed ratchet jus for existing LOL!! 👏💩

Sending love to your mom-self, Omi.... BEST and MOST IMPORTANT job you will ever do!! Hugs and Hang in there. x


Yes it it! Thank you <3 Hope your family is well as well. :)

I need me a rocket pack like that lol "truce"


Take a picture and I'll photoshop you one lmao


I might just do that ......

Wishing you and yours a fabYOUlous summer, @omitaylor! 😎


Thank you @novacadian <3

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many occupations together, enjoy the holidays with the little ones

Hey @omitaylor,

Came by to check on you then saw this. Happy you're enjoying your annual summer break with your threesome. Enjoyyyyyy. They grow so quickly and then are hardly around. ;)

Hugzzz and Mom Blessings. xxx

Very Awesome Rocketman Girl.