Tomato Fruit Growing City Container Square Foot Garden

4년 전


Very excited to share that out tomato plant has fruited. We have at least 6 bundles of blossoms and this mama is growing like a weed.


Below you can see I popped some basil cuttings in the pot as well. I pruned it but couldn't eat it all lol. So rather than freeze it, they went right in. They're stable at about 2 weeks now and growing as well. There's also some marigold seed sprouts. Sure they won't flower any time soon but maybe they'll help with pests.


So look at how tall she is after only a few weeks. Remember the tiny pot she thrived in? This one is a few gallons. Still such a small pot for a big plant. I've impressed myself here.

Okay just sharing.

Have a great Summer.

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Well done, Omi!
Did you tried growing strawberry? 🍓
It’s pretty easy, for my own experience.

A big hug from @amico!


No, not yet. Perhaps next year. It's a lot of work doing this, more than I expected. 😀👍


Yes, it’s true... but you get great satisfaction, isn’t it? 😜

That tomato plant is doing really well!

I bought one of those hanging tomato planters you see on TV. At the end of the summer, I had grown exactly one tomato and then the whole thing fell apart.

I love to see anything grow like weed ;-)


LMAO! That's a great comment.

Looking fresh good job!

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I like to graw.

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Good work and I like to grow tomatoes too.