Wish I Was A Tree...

4년 전


Sitting on the porch, at the advice of a friend, who is now even more of a friend than he knows. It's raining today, like teardrops, and cold; about 67 degrees.

I love to imagine sometimes that I was a tree. So well rooted. Nothing more or less than needed going in or out. So subtle but majestic in their own subdued way. They cope with their winters and are reborn.

I too try to stand strong, but flexible; never hiding from the elements that could teach me how to be a better being. Trees are perfect friends as well. They exhale what I inhale, I exhale what they inhale. Breathing around each other is heathly for both of us.

Sometimes then I don't know which could be better, being a tree or a friend to a tree. I'd like to believe if we were similar we'd have more affinity. And we're not opposite. But because we compliment, truly, its the best partnership. Trees provide fruit and shelter me. I give it tender care, company, even our waste is useful. How magical a tree is that it even can filter the very air I breath and make it suitable for me. I wish I was that skilled, skilled as this tree.

Thinking outside absorbing nature. My phone is getting wet though. Not the greatest post today but introspecting out loud, maybe we have much to learn from these stoic beings.

Esteem app today. I think I'll log off and just have more time without the technology on.

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Beautiful reflective pondering Ms Omi... somehow quite lovely to see that soft, tender side of you lurking beneath the Tech Crypto Goddess exterior. Hugs and love to you. x


Nature is my weakness, second only to my children. I am smitten.

Love the metaphors! And I love nature... Although I miss Massachusetts, I don't want to live out west, and don't want to live on top of my neighbors :) this is why I'm searching for a mountain house in NC.

Have you lived anywhere but Massachusetts?


hey @rcarter. I lived in Jamaica for a couple of years. And I've frequented Florida to visit family during the summer. But otherwise, just Massachusetts. My kids have Autism programs here, so the last 7 years at least I've not even traveled beyond the east coast (even just for vacation.)

NC is nice though! My friend Crystal lived there for a long time before she moved to Virginia. She always says that she wishes she didn't go, lol. So I assume it's very comfortable living there.

Massachusetts is expensive too. If it were not for the kids being so rooted here and needing services at Children's, I'd be down south too. Just saw a 4 bedroom HOUSE for 1/2 what I pay for rent to co-op an apartment in Cambridge. Ridiculous. But it's worth it staying as well. I really can't say I can be confident about the health care and special education in other places.

Is there a reason you want to live in the Mountains vs. the Suburbs? You like the remoteness?


I agree that Mass has best specialists for kids and families that need special care. It is much more affordable down south, and weather is nicer for sure :)

I like the wilderness, because am not a huge fan of people... Haha. I like my privacy, and no neighbors :)


Ha-ha! I love that and I completely understand. One thing for sure about being a parent, one's own self-interests fall to the wayside. I too love isolation and nature. But not the best option with little kids if an emergency arises (especially being a single mom.) When I was married I thought about moving more into the country but that plan got sacked with the divorce. For sure the weather is MUCH nicer. New England winter makes me question all of my decisions hahahhahaha

Nah, that was some great "freestyle-pondering-on-a-porch", @omitaylor :-)

Trees could tell us stories like no one else...


A specimen of this species, located in the White Mountains of California was measured by Tom Harlan, a researcher with the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research, to be 5067 years old.

Imagine what stories this Pinus longaeva could tell...

Thanks for your random thoughts, I love them :-) <3


Thanks. I didn't think this post would get noticed. I was moody. ha-ha!

Perfectly we are associated with nature, certainly nature is on the earth before the creation of man so that through its balance between inhaling and exhaling pure air is always an important fact on earth by the trees and is photosynthesis, very beautiful his words.


♥️ Thank you for your insight and intuition on this. While I think many of us are cruel toward nature it has supported us more often than not (to the point of being taken for granted.) While I'm not an environment crusader, I certainly am mindful of our planet and all its life. It is love. ♥️

Not the greatest post? Certainly not the worst - loved it.


Well thank you dear @gussiefinknottle ♥️

If a tree could talk ... the stories it would tell ...


That tree hasn't much to say though. He's lived in my yard from a sapling and doesn't get any traffic. All he talks about is how bored he gets, no pun intended. LOL

"I think that I shall never see
A poem lovely as a tree." - Joyce Kilmer

Thought you may be interested in my mini testimonial of the trees which have been part of my stewsrdship for over 30 years.


I too love when the rain sparkles. I love being outside. Not during the downpour. I live near a forest, and a river. I usually go there on a evening walk , love the breeze. :)


@omnitaylor Gemini huh ? Your birthday is near i guess.

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