Perfect Whip Facial Cleanser

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Perfect Whip cleanser is a product of a famous cosmetic company and was voted as the top cleanser in Japan. ๐ŸŒฟIf you are looking for a foaming cleanser that can both remove makeup and cleanse your face without drying your skin, then Perfect Whip cleanser is the product you should choose. Wh Perfect Whip is a foaming cleanser that helps remove impurities such as dirt and sebum without removing skin moisture, this cleanser also contains captive amino acid moisture to keep the skin soft, anti-dry, rough skin, maintain the skin's natural moisture, help your skin always clean and not greasy all day. Wh Perfect Whip cleanser, nutritious essences from vegetables, create many bubbles that can remove makeup, penetrate deeply to remove dirt from pores With ingredients including m-tranexamic acid to help whiten skin, prevent the melamine pigment causes spots and freckles on the skin.

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