Polar Business Venture

2년 전

One thing I want to be is many other things but you can only do one thing, or could you have other things work for you?

Apart from my music I’ve got into advertising social media pages and I see a lot of opportunities with what I’ve found that works!

I’ve decided to market & manage for others and I have plans for other good business ideas!!

I would like to be a online physical trainer I would create workout videos for others to watch offer counseling, & workout services for locals!

I’ve been to the dentist and realized that they have good business opportunities but I want to do it online like a social media dental advisor which sounds pretty cool but I have yet to figure how I’m going to go about this one.

I would like to set up & campaign for non profit corporations. Now how I’ll work this is I want to go through individuals on setting ups their non profit and have them tax exempt from the IRS. I’ll look into finding corporate and government grants and campaign donations to support the individuals with their nonprofit.

I have a good focus on the marketing manager field and I look to advertise more on my business I have high hopes so if anyone needs a good advertiser I’m here!! I would love to propose whaleshares to campaign for them but I know next to politics crypto is another thing that social media ads (sometimes) have problems with...

I hope everyone enjoys the weekend I’m looking to get back to the week!!


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Nice, good luck with your ambitions! Hard work and trust the process!

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