Don't want to learn...

2년 전

How's it loaded at the Institute, huh?

A lot of items that I finally don't need.

And each teacher believes that her subject is the most important.

Yes, logarithms and exponential functions to me as a future art direct so needed, so desired...


That's how many times since high school have you had to use e in a x degree in your life?

Asked parents, they somehow never met.

Although Pope says, that can useful.

Here is think: where? In life, not in school.

And the weather is not pleasant(((( ZD


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ну, это весенний авитаминоз...
это я вам как препод со стажем говорю

Дались вам эти степенные функции...
Думаю, вы лукавите...
А ваш папа -прав!

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