It's diarrhea, it's scrofula...

2년 전

That's what my grandmother always said.
It is a pity that almost a year ago she died.
She did a lot of sayings and words were. I have never seen or heard.
Today I remembered this phrase when drip from the nose in two streams.

Tomorrow ought to be in the University, in addition to a cold still and the temperature soared...
Ah, means, control work will write without me - not great loss of...
Anyway, this spring it's surprisingly dull.
Here is in the past year, I remember, have lit...
And just in spring.
The days are so dark - it is night confused, summer.
Maybe the body and therefore crashes?
Nothing, the day had already begun to grow...

Scrofula, as I understand it, googling a few sites, is a skin disease caused by a Bacillus. Bugorkami or tuberculosis - is not understood, different data.
But if you first get sick with this crap, and then diarrhea - that's exactly what the brow is worse than me now.
I'll be lying on my favorite couch with a laptop in an embrace and watch my favorite soap (it is a pity that the Vampire Diaries ended). Watch "Orange hit of the season" - so cool, but cooler diaries.
In cinematic vampire - the dream of every youngster.
"Ah bite me, Ah bite me!"
You see, scrofula and diarrhea will be held at the time.
Grandma, I think about you a lot.
Where ever you are, may you be well!
Crawl to watch the hit, orange.
All my friends - kiss and wish good earnings

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