Off-season and disgusting weather

2년 전

That's what the weather is today, huh?

The snow that melts, the rain that drowns the snow. And after all the end of the March The mood is falling, falling like snow outside the window.

Offseason, when are you going to end? The morning crawled, sniffing, MAG. For some bread and milk. I can't drink black coffee, but I hate cream. Because mix with milk. Crawled, dragged herself through the slush to the "Crossroads", I bought a bunch of junk.

And no, chocolate bought are badly needed. They say chocolate something on the hormonal system of women is valid. improves mood. While trudged home from the store, got wet feet. Now even and boots new buy...

Made myself a coffee with milk, ate chocolate, lay down on the couch, covered himself with the blanket and ... failed in insomnia. Woke up, dark outside. Not weather-a misunderstanding and the removal of nerves. As well, three more days of vacation.

You can sleep while parents relax by the warm sea. That's just washing up to do Sunday night not to forget.


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