9개월 전

Have you ever felt tired of everything that is happening around you? Feel like you want to shut the whole world down and just stay in the room for the whole week, just by yourself, away from everyone?

That's what I have been feeling for the last three months. Everything is getting more and more exhausting every single day. Almost every night I come home crying, it was so exhausting that I don't even know what to do but cry. Everything just feels so... overwhelming. My mind, my body, my soul, they are worn out. I miss the feeling of falling asleep so easily without a single thought bothering my mind or waking up to a bad dream and ended up being sleepless in the morning. I want to give up, I want the burdens on my shoulders being lifted. I.am.so.f*in.tired.

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Hi, It seems to me capitalist modernity is a double-bind for women for the most part.
I have my doubts that evolution and the biosphere prepared women for the speed and stresses of the capitalist system. Yet, at its best, for a small percentage of women, life couldn't be better.
I hope you find a way to renew your spirit:)


Just a note that I'm not saying the pre-modern world was better for women. Only that we haven't physically evolved fast enough to deal with the stresses of modern crapitalism.