Pine Wood Derby Cars

6개월 전

My grandson and I had our Pine Wood Derby cars ready to go for a race that got cancelled/postponed this weekend. They had an open (adult) category, so I thought it would be fun to build my own car while helping him complete his.

We spent the last couple of weekends designing and building our cars. I'm so proud of all the hard work he put in, designing, sanding, and painting his car. He spent hours sanding his car to perfection.

untitled-9.JPG We started with some drawings from a template sheet I made. My grandson sketched out and colored a few drawings before deciding which one he liked best.


I decided to model my car after my sweet dachshund Lucy.

Read more about Lucy here:


untitled-1.JPG1HP (One Hot-Dog Power)

untitled-4.JPG I assisted him with cutting out the final shape and adding the slot on the bottom for the extra weight, but he did everything else.

One day these speedsters will get to race.

untitled-7.JPGLong but slow.

untitled-8.JPGBuilt for speed!


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