The hard life of the cheerful ivy


This ivy grows near my house, but now I can't remember if it was always green in winter...


Probably not. I would have remembered. It is a rare thing to see green plants in Russia in winter months.


This winter was quite mild. But that doesn't mean it can't suddenly become... usual.


And the usual Russian winter is a dangerous place for life-loving and overly optimistic plants that have decided that they can be green all year round >_<


I hope that the thaw will return strength and health to this Bush, and it will continue to grow and delight passers-by with its appearance for many years :)

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i hope it will survive till spring :D


thank you for your comments and wonderful support, @serkagan :)

Beautiful photos, you are right, the winter in Russia is harsh and it is amazing how this ivy has preserved its greenery!


it's a strong plant it seems :) thank you for stopping by, @magnata!


thank you for your kind words and support, Aleks! :D

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That plant is pretty strong.