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that's some artsy shit right there!


I put my hAAAARRRRRt and soul into me AARRRRRt, lassie! Thanks fer noticin'.




Such majesty. Such splendor.

Bro, hopefully that wasnt no two buck chuck... Is it still two bucks? Yes, I was a pirate in sf consuming 2 buck chucks and always da hash yarr... That is until I moved to Sonoma and learned that you want to spend at least 7 bucks on a bottle. Although I tend to choose $20 pinot or a Cabernet Sauvignon, sadly though matey red wines are not friendly to me heart. Besides rum what is your wine of choice?


Nay, matey! This was good, organic merlot from ARRRRgentina (me favorite country).

  ·  3년 전

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We all know ye be up der in the great seas above sailing along the firmament on a barrel o' rum with his favorite crackers!


Such a beautiful eulogy. Thank ye, matey.

You missed the BBQ by about 3 feet!


Rest in peace


Thanks matey. Your support supports this pirate.

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