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Trading, Writing/Blogging and getting paid for it, if it was that easy we’d all be doing it?

Trading and blogging was something I always wanted to do in fact, I spent a few months last year looking into being a penny stock trader… I know I watched The Wolf of Wallstreet to many times haha but who didn’t want to be Jordan Belfort by the end of it?

I also made two magazine blog websites with friends and even a YouTube channel but it’s hard to get other people to commit to something when it’s not generating revenue for a long period of time when they’ve other things to worry about, even myself especially since it was costing me… but it was always at the back of my mind!

When I was first introduced to cryptocurrency’s I knew straight away there was a massive opportunity sitting in front of me, I was also annoyed at myself because I had heard of bitcoin before but never researched it.

Any way I decided to take the plunge the first two months didn’t go very well in fact it looked exactly this picture….


Eventually I started to do okay and found out I actually wasn’t too bad at trading but knew if I wanted to make real money I needed to put 100% of my time and effort into trying to make the right decisions.

I loved my Job in the events business, planning shows and booking artists, but I knew it wouldn’t give me the financial freedom I was looking for and ability to work anywhere in the world, but becoming a full time trader could. I knew I had to finish up but I didn’t want to be taking too much from my coins to live because I was only getting started. So I started looking for something to do on the side to generate income!

Enter the STEEM train! I knew about steem in my early days of trading but didn’t pay much attention. I have since fell in love with the platform and what it stands for! I really do believe it will be a heavyweight contender in the social networking world in the near future and I’m going to commit myself to creating content of all forms for the site every day! I’m even going to get the squad back together to film the Vlog!


I look forward to posting for you guys!




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Smart choice brother. You will not regret it :)


cheers man !

You've got guts my friend. I wish you the best of luck, it's a dream I hold too! If you ever need a source of investing or crypto information check me out, I'm always posting useful stuff :)


I am also on steem, just have two posts and would be great to meet you some day. Awesome post .. cool!

Scared money don't make money! Go get it. Following.


love that ! gonna have to borrow that !

I'm in the process of doing the same thing, building up the initial sum is the tricky bit!!!, good luck man


youll get there ! good luck !

You get my upvote and follow for dedicating towards trading/steeming


Cheers appreciate the support ! followed back !

Good idea @Robertk I have been doing it for four years and this year it paid off big. Now Steemit is icing on the cake.


Could not have said it better it is the icing on the cake !
Good to hear the trading is paying of for you !

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Very interesting post. Many people will think multiple times to quite job. But it seems that you are always positive and can take critical decision within a short time. Started following you to get new articles.


Cheers man !

Nice post. I just joined and i love it already :) I wish i could quit my job too... that's my goal !


cheers! you'll do it !

Smart choice man!

Great to find a fellow writer and reader here on Steem. I'm all in with you too. Read my stuff and let me know perhaps we could do a collaboration. I'm looking to run a talkshow on Cryptocurrency and I think you would be a perfect interviewee. What say you?


just followed you there ! yeah sound good lets get it done !

Wow, good luck! The future of crypto is opening up so many opportunities - the downturn this last week will prove irrelevant. Following!


Cheers man ! yeah I couldnt agree more ! followed back !

Best of luck man!

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I wish I had your balls. Following you so I can watch your success over time ☺ All the best.

Ok now that's a good choice with some balls
am following you from suppo so follow me back so i can see your progress it may inspire more of us ;)

good luck! Looking at the market right now, best time to do what you did :) The only way is up!