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Its been almost two months since I got back into TRON DAPPS and started again with a few like Wink, TRONTOPIA and Fragtoken, I manage to get some real nice gains with Frags getting all my tokens from TRONTOPIA SHARES and sell at 8 TRON per Frag token but now after its forth DappDrop price has gone down to 2.8 TRX


The most FRAG I held was 1723 tokens that were almost for free after getting dividends from TRONTOPIA SHARES and reinvesting for some time, now Im holding 800 FRAG Tokens looking to get the same amount of tokens or even less, yes its just a few bucks but was basically for free and now I get to buy them back or even more for the same amount of TRX or even less, this would be the time to get into FRAGS but if I compare this to other dapps they need to spice things up because it looks just too simple or basic, the dapps the site the concept it has to be more than it is right now to create that fomo effect if not FRAGS will just be another HitDapps, a lot of potential but was not exploded when its time came.

Im not going all in, will just buy some to get a bit more tokens than before and then let it be just kee reinvesting on Frag Box for a few weeks and check how the price reacts, it I dont see much movement within a month then would probably sell.

Just a small thought I have regarding this dapp, this is basically my steem savings account that Im planning not to touch for some time but would like to keep it active.

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