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Its been a wile since I posted on this account, this is as mention before just a savings account at more a personal level, lets say a behind the scenes but I have not post since I had a lot at work for the last two weeks from clients as from my actual work, also I have been trying to look for a new place to rent with more space and the possibility of a studio for myself, ever since I started making videos I like it a lot and when I cant make any at least try to post content on STEEM.

It seems Im very close to set a deal for a new place where I will have my own studio/office, will have to look for examples and gather ideas from other people to make this space as useful as possible since is not that big but at least I will now have my own space where I can record at anytime I want without having to avoid awaking the kids or the noise around me, at first I will start with what I got so far and will have to work on getting my current desk, pc and monitors setup and the network too.

I want to buy a couple of things for this new setup on the network and coms:
-New firewall, Im looking at the Unifi USG PRO 4
-Few New Access points, UPA AC Lite
-New Storage server, mostly for backups
-New desktop workstation, repurpuse current for virtualization environment

Also I will have to work on isolating the room probably buy a few acoustic foam panels to get the echo out, I hope all this come true Im very close and I think will be something I will really enjoy, will keep you posted an will document this entire process of pursue something that is really fun to me.

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Good Luck, Thanks

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