More on EVs: Porsche (Volkswagen Group) get it

2년 전

It seems that BMW and their almost childish temper tantrum withdrawal of EV models from the Australian market until the federal government "does something" has triggered other manufacturers to start announcing what their plans are. Porsche (part of the Volkswagen Group) have announced that they will:

build out a network of fast-charging infrastructure in Europe and here in the US.

and more specifically that they will use their existing network of dealers and service centres to host this charging network (exactly like I said BMW should do ~2 weeks ago! 😝). You would have to assume they have the same plan in other geographies including Australia.


I am joyed to see other manufacturers get it and are going to do the right thing to support EVs and their customers. BMW might find themselves left out in the cold if they continue with their current strategy of artificially withholding their products to try and force governments to build and maintain charging networks for them.

Also, I can't wait to see some Mission E's on the road! 😎

Source: Arstechnica

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